Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just can't put her down!

LITERALLY! I cannot put my baby down. Not much anyway. The little buggers need a significant amount of attention in the first few months. It's rather tiring but I know it only lasts a little while so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can. (and forget about the fact that I'm getting NOTHING else done) I know a lot of folks say, "oh you just need to let her cry it out" or "you don't want her too dependent on you" or my favorite "you'll spoil her if you hold her too much." 

Sorry but I'm not buying into this train of thought. I believe there's a significant amount of bad American "habits" when it comes to parenting. Consider that in other cultures all over the world, colic doesn't exist. Researchers think it has to do with how much babies are "attached" to their parents and family members in these other cultures. Yes, I've been reading the Sears books and the Happiest Baby book. These theories make the most sense to me and even more important, the practices are actually working for us, which in my opinion, sells it the best.

But enough preaching.
Let's get on to the BABY! Violet is doing wonderful. and I have the 240+ pictures to prove it. She's almost 8 weeks old now. She is smiling and grabbing at things pretty regularly. She's gooing and gaaing at me and her daddy when she's in a good mood. She still naps a lot which is about the only time I can put her down for a little while. She also likes laying in her crib and watching the blinky music light (ironically it's a Baby Einstein product) but I always feel bad when I leave her there so I can get other things done. Luckily she only tolerates it for a short while and starts squawking like a lost cheetah cub when it's no longer entertaining for her. 

I am getting better from the surgery slowly. Just started lifting some weights yesterday. Trying to walk faster when I go out. It'll be time to start looking for work soon. Not looking forward to that. Partly because the idea of leaving Violet during the day makes me sad.