Thursday, March 26, 2009

Villa Vona -- like in Tuscany... but not...

Ok here we go! 
So this week Jonathan and I bought a house. After 6 months of looking at every single overpriced and under maintained 3/2 on Alameda we've finally found "the one." We beat out 4 other bidders! It helps when you can have zero contingencies on your offer.  

It is a Victorian built in 1895 by Marcuse & Remmel. It has a couple bedrooms and another small room for an office. Two full bathrooms and a huge kitchen. The woman who lived there before split it into a side by side duplex so we'll need to do a couple little things to open it up again for us to use as a single family residence.  Right now it has an extra little kitchen we'll have to get rid of. Oh and there's the brick foundation. That'll have to be replaced. Add that to the "little things" that need to be done...

It's been really well maintained by the people we bought it from. And luckily they didn't do a bunch of silly "flipper upgrades" to it. Decoration wise it's basically a blank slate. It's super clean. No trips to the dump needed. There's a trail of permits and repair receipts a mile long. the inspection reports are very detailed. A few little bits here and there to repair. 

Hardwood floors! 
Pocket doors! 
High ceilings!
Crown molding! 
Lots of light for the kitties to lounge.

Big Kitchen! The electric stove needs to go. But there's lots of cabinets. I'm thinking kitchen island and lose the fluorescent lights.

We close escrow on the 6th. 
Hope to be moved in by the 20th.  

We're so excited! And scared, and tired, and broke... We can't wait to move in!

See all the pics here: