Sunday, May 31, 2009

Foundation, Doorways and Fine China

Gwydion found this awesome little settee at a garage sale over by his place. We swooped in on it and now have a spot in the entryway for people to take their shoes off! The kitties like it a lot too. 

On Saturday we invited Dan, Irene and Natasha over for dinner. We used the wedding china and glassware for the first time! It was pretty. Not as pretty as Natasha though! I got a good couple hours of play time with her. It's so awesome living close to our friends. 

And the doorways are finished! the door from the entryway is all framed out. We did not splurge for the molding. It would have cost way too much. Maybe later when we have money again. The old front door into the living room is now covered over as well. Andrew actually made the lines in the panel by hand with a dremmel so that it matches the rest of the living room and dining room. Very straight lines. I think we can start entertaining the idea of paining in the near future. Joanthan and I have some ideas. But we have to scrape off A LOT of bad paint first. It's peeling off the wall in sheets all over the place.

And this week we started the foundation! Well, Carroll Construction started the foundation. They spent this week shoring up the house from underneath, taking the first couple layers of shingles off and pulling a few loose bricks out.

They had to take out my laundry sink. BOOO! I went to the hardware store and got a garbage can so we can still wash clothes during construction. The washer needs to drain somewhere! Then I get to take the water out back using a smaller bucket (one bucket at a time....) and dump it in the lawn. Not much fun but still serviceable. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Critters And Cutting Grass

Jonathan found a really nifty baby tarantula on the side of our house last week! At least we THINK its a baby tarantula. We looked online to see if it was a brown recluse first. Just in case we needed to kill it. But it didn't match up to any of the pictures we found online so the little bugger got to go on his merry way. The kids across the street thought it was pretty cool! I'm slightly more inclined to let the spiders stay now since I care more about all the damaging bugs that could possibly take up residence in my beautiful new house that has ZERO pest damage.

This pic probably isn't all that interesting since it's just a white wall with shingles on it. But its a pretty big deal to us. The second doorway leftover from the duplex is now covered up on the outside. We now officially have a single family residence! There's still some work leftover to do on the inside but it should hopefully be finished this week!

Part of being a responsible howmowner means not letting your yard become an eyesore. Mind you I've never had to deal with this kind of thing before. We realized pretty quickly that we'd have to start mowing our grass on a regular basis if we were going to continue watering our lawn. So I picked up an electric lawn mower from Amazon. It arrived on Friday and we immediately started mowing our lawn for the first time! Jonathan is pretty unthrilled about the "stupid cord" situation. Yes there was a bit of dancing around with the cord at first but we got the hang of it after a while. Press play to watch the exciting video of Jonathan mowing the lawn! Heehee!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

1 Year Anniversary!

Last weekend (May 3rd) was our 1 year wedding anniversary!
I cannot even believe we made it into a house before our anniversary! We're so lucky! And happy!

So since we're broke and already bought each other a really nice house for an anniversary gift, we decided to keep it close to home for this year. We hit the Alameda Antiques By The Bay and found these awesome little antique chairs! One of them needs new fabric but the carvings are great and the rocking chair is just my size. The kitties loved them immediately.

What's an anniversary without a little animal sacrifice?
Jonathan REALLY wanted lobster for our special dinner but there's the whole "broke" thing. So we went to the store, bought ourselves a couple sea bugs and threw them into the pot! No screams. I think it's a myth.

The unpacking continues. We're REALLY slow... The kitties are helping once again by letting us know which clothes have too much cat hair on them.... and then they rub some more on!!!