Sunday, May 10, 2009

Critters And Cutting Grass

Jonathan found a really nifty baby tarantula on the side of our house last week! At least we THINK its a baby tarantula. We looked online to see if it was a brown recluse first. Just in case we needed to kill it. But it didn't match up to any of the pictures we found online so the little bugger got to go on his merry way. The kids across the street thought it was pretty cool! I'm slightly more inclined to let the spiders stay now since I care more about all the damaging bugs that could possibly take up residence in my beautiful new house that has ZERO pest damage.

This pic probably isn't all that interesting since it's just a white wall with shingles on it. But its a pretty big deal to us. The second doorway leftover from the duplex is now covered up on the outside. We now officially have a single family residence! There's still some work leftover to do on the inside but it should hopefully be finished this week!

Part of being a responsible howmowner means not letting your yard become an eyesore. Mind you I've never had to deal with this kind of thing before. We realized pretty quickly that we'd have to start mowing our grass on a regular basis if we were going to continue watering our lawn. So I picked up an electric lawn mower from Amazon. It arrived on Friday and we immediately started mowing our lawn for the first time! Jonathan is pretty unthrilled about the "stupid cord" situation. Yes there was a bit of dancing around with the cord at first but we got the hang of it after a while. Press play to watch the exciting video of Jonathan mowing the lawn! Heehee!

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Anonymous said...

Kevy & Jonathan,

Happy First Anniversary. We love you two, and are happy for you that you were able to be in your new home for your anniversary.

Mom, Doug and Grammy too.