Saturday, May 9, 2009

1 Year Anniversary!

Last weekend (May 3rd) was our 1 year wedding anniversary!
I cannot even believe we made it into a house before our anniversary! We're so lucky! And happy!

So since we're broke and already bought each other a really nice house for an anniversary gift, we decided to keep it close to home for this year. We hit the Alameda Antiques By The Bay and found these awesome little antique chairs! One of them needs new fabric but the carvings are great and the rocking chair is just my size. The kitties loved them immediately.

What's an anniversary without a little animal sacrifice?
Jonathan REALLY wanted lobster for our special dinner but there's the whole "broke" thing. So we went to the store, bought ourselves a couple sea bugs and threw them into the pot! No screams. I think it's a myth.

The unpacking continues. We're REALLY slow... The kitties are helping once again by letting us know which clothes have too much cat hair on them.... and then they rub some more on!!!

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