Sunday, April 26, 2009

Floors are DONE! We're all moved in!

We're all moved in! The movers got us out of the apartment and into our place on Thursday. It only took a few hours. We spent all of Thursday shuffling things around. Nothing was in the right spot of course. 

Here's a pic of the floors while they were being sanded:

And here's the pics of the floors now!

Friday, we woke up in our brand new house for the first time. We were exhausted, joints were swollen and aching. We felt pretty beat up. But it was the most amazing feeling to know that it was all ours. We're sooooo lucky. 

I spent Friday putting the kitchen away. 

Saturday was more cleaning and organizing. Lucky & Mu-shu  are really settling in nicely. They seem to like all their new space. 

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MadMan Deluxe said...

Awesome. love the floors, I can't tell you how much you scored on that. Cyndy fell in love with them too!