Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Electrical and Potties!

So the last couple days have been great! My folks are still here helping out with the details. It's nice having them there, so they can be around when Jonathan is at work in case a contractor needs access to the house. They've also been getting bids on the foundation for us. 

Here's the table we're using in the kitchen to keep track of all the exciting things going on. Lists, quotes, fliers, and coffee!

Here's our favorite contractor, Uncle Ted! He's been working super hard the last couple days in very cold weather to get our switcher box updated and everything consolidated on to one meter. Everything looks great so far! 



A couple days ago, Jonathan was going on and on about the toilets in the house and how small they were. He wanted to get new ones. I didn't think it was that urgent but then when he sat down on one of them and I saw him chewing on his knees I decided to quit being a cheapskate let him have his toilets. So he went to Home Depot and got the dual flush kind. One for each bathroom! 

The plumber came out and unhooked the sink in the entryway and chopped the pipes back to the correct place. We were going to have him come back Friday and install the toilets too. Then Doug, with nothing left to do for the afternoon, dove in and installed one of the toilets! He and Jonathan will probably do the other one tomorrow, saving us a few bills. 

The floors will be refinished from Monday through Wednesday. We move in next Thursday! One week to go! 


irene said...

hurray for toilets and uncle ted!! we're so happy for you guys and so glad you're finally moving to alameda!!

Kevy said...

We cannot wait to get moved over! The plan is to move next Thursday. After the floors are done.