Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Foundation Saga...

The kitties have been acting WEIRD since we started construction on the foundation. They don't really understand all the noises and vibrations going on beneath their feet. It was pretty bad the first couple weeks but they seem to be getting slightly more accustomed to it. they act more annoyed now rather than scared. Lucky still spends most of her days in the cat tree or the closet. Mu-shu is still being kind of aggressive toward her. We'll be happy when this is all over and they can be comfortable again.

So here are some pics of the progress in the basement. There was a little drama when the guy heading the construction told another client she could come over and help herself to our bricks. she wasn't super polite about it and it really kind of bothered Jonathan and I. 

But it was all cleared up eventually and we were able to go through the bricks and pick the ones we wanted to keep. Here's the neat pile of 300+ bricks I set up in the back yard. I think I will pay the neighbor kids to clean them. I certainly don't want to do it. I would like to use them to build a little fire pit in the back yard eventually. Then we let our awesome neighbor Benny come over and grab all the bricks he needed for his driveway. THEN we told the construction company that they could do whatever they wanted with them.

Here's the back door entrance to the basement. They hadn't pulled the bricks out yet so it was kind of neat to see them there. I must admit that the mortar between the bricks seems to be very sandy and loose after 115 years. I'm sure the house would be ok in a small to medium earthquake with the slab and cap that we already had, but in a really big one we might have been in trouble. 

Here's the outside of the house. you can see the trench under the house where the bricks used to be. And there's thew supports under our bedroom. It's a little weird inside the house when Jonathan walks around a little heavy the whole place shakes just a bit. 

Last Friday we woke up and there was a Bobcat in our garage! They were hauling away dirt, bricks and concrete. I tried to get Jonathan to go out and get a pic from the front of the house but it was "too early" so he just look one from the window. ;)

Here's another image of the trench from the rear of the house. This is where the laundry and the old toilet usually live. You can see the water and sewage pipes. 

Here's a pic I took of the front of the house. Hey, it looks a little like the place Ted & Heather are buying! heehee! The guys had to remove the garage door so only big heavy plywood is keeping the place safe.... except for the part where the entire lower part of the house is missing all the way around and anyone can climb right in. Good thing we live in Alameda! Low crime!

Here's Jonathan in the basement surrounded by bricks and open trench.

So one of the things that we'll actually be able to SEE after this whole thing is finished and we've paid the big huge bill is the mud-sill. The mud-sill is the pressure treated piece of wood that lines the whole bottom part of the house and sits between the wood and the concrete. this is the old one before they pried it off.

And in this picture you can see the new mud-sill! Notice the lack of splintering and rot. 

That's all for today! They tell me it should be all wrapped up in the next couple weeks. We're soooooo glad that things will be getting back to normal. 

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The MadScientist said...

I dont' know what it is about foundation guys and old bricks... Our guys sold our bricks to our neighbor without telling us...we had to actually get some from another neighbor so we could brick our driveway....
Maybe theres a big blackmarket for old bricks?