Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween! - 3 months late...

Ok this is a little late but I've been busy and tired. Pregnancy does that to you. Here's a few pics from our first halloween in our house!

We had about 95 kids come by. It was good fun! Although we realized pretty quickly that we need to sit about halfway down the steps to give out candy so the really little kids don't trip on their way up and crack their skulls open. That would be bad.

Jonathan and I both love carving pumpkins. We wanted to do one for each step but that was a bit ambitious so we stuck to 4. I made a big batch of beef stew and we kept the horror movies going all night.

Our neighbors were very impressed with our decorating. Gwydion was kind enough to come over and supply us with some mini spots for the evening. We'd like to add fog next year. Of course it was nowhere near as cool as Chez Neumansky. We have some catching up to do.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kevy & Jonathan, I love your Halloween decorations! It really looks cool. You guys are wonderful with the pumpkins. Love, Mom