Saturday, July 3, 2010

Violet Speaks and Smiles!

Here's the first video of Violet talking! Well, babbling really. We swear she said "glue!" the other day. We spend lots of time each day having little conversations with her. Its so much fun and so freakin' cute.

Our pretty human baby is still getting to know our fur babies. All three cats just LOVE Violet's room. Mu-shu spends hours sleeping in the crib. Lucky likes the rocking chair and anywhere with a sunbeam. Pandora is all over the place tearing things up as usual. We even catch the cats on the changing table occasionally. Pandora has shown the most interest in Violet. She likes to climb on my lap while we're nursing and lay up against Violet's back. It's cute but it gets a little warm sometimes! 

We spent fathers day relaxing and hanging out. Breakfast was at Jim's Cafe. We met Dan, Irene and Natasha at Franklin park in the afternoon. Then daddy spent a little time teaching Violet how to play X-box. Violet LOVES spending time with her daddy. 

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