Saturday, October 16, 2010

Almost 6 Months!

Sorry its been a while. I'm better at posting the short quippy things on Facebook. It's hard to find the time anymore to type anything more than a few lines nowadays. Violet keeps mommy on her toes! But here's 2 videos to make up for it. 

Violet is just about 6 months old now and officially MOBILE! She's rolling around like crazy and  pushing herself back and forth a lot while on her belly. She's even getting up on her hands and knees! But she doesn't seem to have the coordination to keep it up for long or go anywhere while in this position. Just a matter of time I guess.

Mu-Shu doesn't seem to like the baby much but Pandora is ALL OVER HER! They have been rolling around and playing together for a while. I have to keep a pretty close eyeball on them though. Pandora can play a bit rough sometimes. But Violet loves her so much. She gets all excited and yammers at the cat when she's close by. 

Don't want to brag too much but we are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Most of the time anyway. Violet goes to bed between 7-9, depending on her naps that day. She usually wakes up once around 11 or 1 for a quick feed or diaper change. But sometimes she'll skip the 3am wakeup all together!  She'll wake me up anywhere between 5-7am but usually I can coax her back to sleep if I bring her to bed (after Jonathan is up for work). She pretty much always sleeps in her crib now. I think she's a bit big for the co-sleeper. She rolls around too much and wakes up when she hits the sides and having her in bed with the two of us AND the cats is just too much so we're sticking to the crib.

Mommy has been trying to teach herself some sign language and we're already using it with Violet. She won't start signing back for a few more months but it's going to take mommy a while to learn so we're starting now. Please do not confuse me with one of those evil sancti-mommies. Yes there is a slight twinge of guilt over not being able to teach her a different language. (mommy and daddy are ign'ant americans and we can't afford our spanish speaking nanny share) This is more for my convenience than anything else. Trying to avoid the temper tantrums and communication confusion surrounding the early toddler time. 

Halloween is coming up soon! I promise more posts where we will be showing off all the totally heinous costumes that I will be damaging my child with. Here's a preview!

And here's one of Violet and Daddy. Keeping cool during one of those stupid hot days we've been having this year.

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Leslie Harvey said...

Coming from another ignorant American couple who can't teach their child a foreign language, sign language is good! Virginia only learned a few signs (more, food, all done) before her talking took off, but having those signs was a huge help in communication. It is amazing how much the word "more" will convey. Now, when she really wants some more, she will say more and do the sign at the same time. Extra emphasis!