Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby's first crawl! And Other Mommy Bragging

I'm just gonna say it. My baby is freakin' ADVANCED! In just a few weeks, Violet has gone from sitting up on her own (Halloween weekend), to combat crawling, to THIS!

She is already pulling herself up to her feet in the crib and play pen! My mom tells me that I was walking at 10 months so maybe Miss V is taking after me a little. Needless to say the baby proofing is moving right along. First gate is installed, the parlor doors are being closed more often. She's already crawled onto the heater grate in the floor and freaked out when she realized it was TOO HOT! No injuries but that was quite a scare for mommy. We're gonna have to figure out a solution for that one....

Here's Violet playing in the fountain at Grandma Eliza's church! (no, we were not getting baptized) She loves water, just like her Daddy.

Let's see, what are some of the other things she is doing? She is now stringing together several syllables at a stretch. It almost sounds like she is talking (in alien baby speak). She laughs and giggles more than ever. She has figured out that if she waves things like string around in front of the cat, that she will have a devoted playmate. I still have to really watch the cat though. We've already had a few "misunderstandings" with Pandora about the proper use of teeth and claws around the baby. 

With very little crying or fanfare Violet sprouted he first two lower front teeth on Halloween weekend. She seems only mildly irritated with the teething pain. We're keeping the Tylenol, Oragel and frozen toys handy. I think the teething does interrupt her sleep. She's had a harder time lately. Been keeping mommy up late and waking a little more frequently before 3am. This is a drag but I'm sure it'll pass. I guess its a good thing I'm not working because I'm getting way less sleep nowadays. 

There is one area where Violet seems to be behind the curve a little. She has bottle issues still and she isn't really interested in eating baby food. 

I try feeding her a little every day and she's just not into it at all. About the only thing she enjoys is grabbing our drinking glasses and blowing bubbles in the water but she doesn't actually try and drink any of it. This of course causes her whole front side to get wet which she doesn't seem to mind. AND she's doing this really weird thing where she can twist her tongue sideways, almost upside down, in her mouth! Its freaking Jonathan out. I'm convinced it has something to do with muscle control (ie. she has none in her tongue) and it is something she'll grow out of. Maybe once she has better control of her tongue she'll start eating human food a little more? 

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