Sunday, September 20, 2009

Black Sabbath Pancakes 2009!

Instead of going to Burning Man this year, a lot of us old folks decided to stay home where it's clean. Actually, Jonathan and I are just broke from buying a house and don't have any vacation time left... and we wanted to be clean. But of course, old traditions die hard. We decided to bring the desert to  Alameda for one day! We set up the stereo, busted out the pancake mix, and had ourselves some Black Sabbath Pancakes, just like it used to be at Burning Man! Well almost...

Our food choices were a little healthier than the usual sprinkles and gummy worms. Of course there were mimosas and coffee vodka! 

Poop! GUNS! And FIRE!

Christine even made it all the way back from the desert in time to play with us for a while!

Once it got dark we headed over to Chez Neumansky and enjoyed the super pretty fire lounge!

All the pictures from that day can be viewed here:

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