Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy kitties and special guests!

Ok, so it's been a while since I posted anything. Just been busy I guess. Here's a few new ones to catch up with. Nothing big going on with the house. We've just been taking it kind of easy since the foundation got finished. The cats are back to acting normal. In fact, after several medicated baths & a few weeks of hissing and swatting, little Pandora has pretty successfully integrated into the household! Lucky is not super thrilled with her but at least she has been standing up to Pandora and showing her who's boss. Mu-Shu loves to play with the kitten and they chase each other around the house and play with toys together. 

Early in October we had a super special guest! Jenna and Isaiah were in town for a few days and made it over to visit! Irene and Natasha came over and we had a wonderful dinner together. Jonathan was a great sport while us girls sat around and cackled for a few hours. Isaiah was so cute. Walking around on his own, playing with the kitties, and munching asparagus. 

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Kelly Hong said...

OMG Pandora just gets cuter by the day. And all three cats seem to have gotten used to each other. Great pets.