Saturday, December 26, 2009

Growing Belly, Pretty Quiet December

Well, this is a little creepy to see. In the span of about 4-5 weeks my belly has gotten pretty noticeably bigger. And that second pic is about a week and a half old so I'm even bigger today! I am now officially in maternity clothes and just kind of getting used to taking up a bit more space than usual. Our little Demon Baby is kicking A LOT lately. Or at least she's big enough that I can feel it more often now. We're getting more excited and/ looking forward to the new year and all the work that will go into getting her room and the house ready for her arrival in May.

Here's a couple totally adorable kitty pics from this month. We call them the "Trifecta of Terror"
although Pandora is really the only terror of the bunch. She took an instant liking to the X-Mess tree and proceeded to try and help me un-decorate it immediately after I had finished decorating it.

I need to post a couple more pics of the lovely X-Mess dinner we had in our house! It was super casual and laid back, which was about all I could handle, being pregnant and all. Just my parents and Jonathan's parents over for turkey dinner. It was a really great evening with our awesome families.

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