Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby's Room is painted!

Well, after a little trial and error with the trim color (green is bad) we finally finished painting the baby's room! This is Jonathan, very hungry and totally over it. I was pretty much over it too. All that crawling around climbing ladders and trying to not ruin the floors was a lot for us to get through with my growing belly and his bad back. But we made it! And we're really happy with the results. Now there's just the rest of the house to paint.....

Here's the latest pic of "the belly." I'm now 28 weeks and heading into my last trimester. (about 7 months) Baby is kicking all the time and moving around lots! She seems most active when I'm trying to sleep or sitting on the couch. She is heavy! I'm now lugging around about 2 lbs. of actual baby and about 18 lbs. of extra tissue and fluid housing the baby. Last night I got woken up by my first leg cramp. That was interesting but not nearly as bad as the round ligament pain I was having from weeks 14-24. Now begins all the prep work. Classes at Kaiser, setting up the rest of baby's room, planning for my maternity leave from work. Lots to do! We're trying to pace ourselves.

Here's a little fun in the basement! Jonathan's parents got him this awesome work bench for the X-Mess and both our parents hooked us up with a whole bunch of great tools & gear for working around the house! I'm betting this will all come in pretty handy in the near future. It's just really nice having a central location for everything. Before, our meager set of tools were spread all over the place.

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