Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Shower!

I have often said that I have the best girlfriends.
But I'll say it again... I HAVE THE BEST GIRLFRIENDS EVER.
Christine & Shannon threw me an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Baby Shower!!! The weather cooperated so we got to be outside the whole day. There were teapots everywhere! I even got to use my wedding china tea pots! It was such a perfect afternoon with my friends. Mom flew in and Eliza made it back up from So.Cal in time. It was really nice to hang out with the girls for a whole day too. I know I won't get a chance to do that for a while after baby comes.

Here Natasha gets to see what a baby shower looks like. She tried so hard to attend her own shower we thought it was only fair she get to come to mine.

And of course we were all ecstatic that Ambrosia and Iggy made it to town in time! We hope to be seeing more of them soon. :)

This would be Baby's first fight skirt. Natasha got one too. Irene and I cannot wait to teach our daughters how to beat each other up with sticks. "Remember baby, you can ONLY hit someone in the dome!!!" Although I'm thinking we'll probably have to build our own little dome at home and do fights here. Something tells me if we try and harness our kids up at the local park jungle gym, some Alameda Mommy group will take issue with our parenting techniques...

Here's all the moms!

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