Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Painted House

With Baby on the way Jonathan has been working hard to get the house squared away before we have zero energy to do anything ever again. After all the "fun" we had painting the baby's room we figured it was time to do the rest of the house! So Jonathan has spend many many days over the last several weeks painting like crazy. It was very un-fun for him but the results were FANTASTIC! We're extremely happy with our color choices. (you can pretty much only get away with this when you have 12' ceilings I think)

This was after the first coat in the entry way. Pandora REALLY likes ladders. She would climb them whenever we had them set up. Unfortunately she had a hard time getting down on her own so Jonathan had to climb up and get her.

This is the finished entryway. We got this great silver paint that looked so pretty on the trim!

Our dining room (and the living room) are red with black trim. At first we weren't sure about the red but after a couple of days we got really happy with it. I'm glad we kept the red a little muted rather than brighter. Both rooms look really dramatic now. Jonathan is going to add metallic gold highlights on the trim and there's some other details we want to do but this will get us by for now. We love it!

Our bedroom is a lovely plumb color (with more silver trim). LOVE IT. Waking up in this room actually makes me happy.

And here's the token belly shot of me and Lucky NOT HELPING with the painting.

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